Seabed Walks in Jersey

Seymour Tower. Walking in Jersey

Jersey is an island shaped by the sea, where things are revealed – to any who choose to look.

Join us on a seabed walk in Jersey. Enter a world where the ocean disappears to the horizon, and we are all visitors.

Explore rock pools, cross sand bars and gullies with experienced local guides.

Revel in a place covered twice a day by some of the highest tides in the world. Here, marine life must survive the extremes of the daily rhythms of the ocean, and the distinction between land and sea is blurred.

Discover Jersey’s very own wilderness with local guides. Derek, Trudie and Sheila have led people amongst the rocks, channels and rockpools for over 19 years. All are Jersey Tour Guide Association/Visit Jersey accredited guides with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Moonwalks and guided seabed walks in jersey. Hermit crab

Meet the locals. Hermit crab

Seymour & Icho Tower Walks

Our intertidal walks on the seabed in Jersey to Seymour or Icho Tower are also called “moonwalks”. Though the landscape might look barren, it’s teeming with marine life and has a rich maritime history.

Our walks occur in an internationally recognised Ramsar Wetlands site – a marine version of the Jersey National Park.

“Moonwalks” to Seymour Tower occur at low tide during the day, some at night. Prices from £24 (under 16 years £13) Dates.


Bioluminescence on the Beach Walk

Bioluminescence in Jersey. Walking in Jersey. Glowing marine creatures. Moonwalks and guided seabed walks in jersey. Copyright image.

Bioluminescence on the beach

As the ocean recedes on a moonless night, join us in search of tiny creatures which glow and twinkle in the dark like fireflies or glow worms.

We have enabled our guests to discover these rarely-seen marine creatures for over ten years.

£24 (under 16 years £13). Dates

Wild Vegetables of the Ocean. Seaweed Foraging

Bring the sea to your kitchen. Jersey has more than 200 species of seaweed, some tastier than others. All are healthy and great to bake or use as condiments in cooking.
£24 (under 16 years £13). Dates

Guided Rock pool explorations in JerseyRock-pool Explorations

Join us on our Rock-pool Exploration to discover the hidden life of rock pools. Accompanied by expert local guides, you’ll discover shellfish, shore crabs, tiny spider crabs, colourful anemones, beautiful starfish, and more!

The 1½-hour walk takes place in the World Wetlands site on the southeast coast of Jersey, where exciting marine discoveries await.

Suitable for families with children and anyone who wants to explore the incredible world of rock pools.

Dates: This walk is arranged on request and adapted to your needs.

£75 for up to four people, and additional participants cost £19 per adult and £10 per child.

Email us or call 07797853033 for more information.

Beach walks

Beach Walk

Our expert guides will reveal stories of this seascape from when you could have walked to France, the landings by French invaders at La Rocque to the attempts by Jersey people in 1944 to escape German occupation by small boats, and more. Observe amazing marine life and see oyster farmers harvesting delicious Jersey oysters.

Private walks: £96 for up to three people. For four or more participants, add £24 per adult or £13 per child. Contact us to arrange a date.

This walk is ideal for participants who prefer a shorter walk to explore the upper shore. The Beach Walk is a great way to discover Europe’s largest rocky intertidal area when the tide is not low enough to explore further offshore.

Guided oyster walks and oyster tasting in jersey

Taste the quality of the best Jersey shellfish

Oyster Trail

Walk among the oyster and mussel beds in the Royal Bay of Grouville, followed by the opportunity to sample delicious fresh Jersey Oysters. £23 (under 16 years £11). Dates.

Stay in Seymour Tower

We can arrange a day and overnight stay in the historic Seymour Tower. At high tide, the ocean surrounds the tower, so don’t forget anything!


Seashore foraging for edible seaweeds in Jersey

Seashore foraging for edible seaweeds

Sea Foraging & Oyster Trail

Jersey folk used to call it low-water fishing. Today, it’s called foraging. Whatever the name, join us on a marine wild food foray as we stroll down to the most extensive oyster beds in the British Isles.

We’ll reveal what you can forage from the sea and share stories of the 19th century Oyster fishing gold rush.

Finish this 2½-hour walk with the opportunity to sample six fresh Jersey oysters with a glass of beer or wine in Seymour Pub. £43.50 per person. Dates



Seymour Tower from the air

Explore the largest inter-tidal rocky zone in Europe

Dates of our Seabed Walks in Jersey

Online booking is essential because all our seabed walks are in small groups. A small group gives you a better experience of exploring this fantastic intertidal world as the ocean recedes to the horizon. Dates.

French and German commentary is possible if reserved in advance.

Individual, group and private bookings. Contact us.

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Tourist Guides in Jersey

Discover places, stories and experiences you might easily miss by hiring a professional English and German-speaking tourist guide.

Join Trudie Trox, travel guide book author and professional tourist guide with over 30 years of experience on your Jersey discovery.

Read more about our guided tours in Jersey and the Channel Islands.

Half-day and multi-day itineraries and guided trips to the other Channel Islands can be arranged. Email Trudie.