Oysters, Ormers, Scallops & Mussels in Jersey

Useful information about shellfish in Jersey.

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Oysters in Jersey

A guide to the taste of Oysters around the UK. A guide to tasting. A useful and fun guide to the taste of Oysters around the UK from the Shellfish Association

Jersey’s Oyster fishing industry. Historical perspective

In a half shell. A fun blog by a keen Oyster eater Julie Qui.

The Oyster’s my world. Nigel Moore’s blog about the history and cultivation of Oysters. A thought-provoking read.

Jersey Oyster Company. Local producer and supplier of Jersey Oysters.

Ormers in Jersey. Jersey Walk Adventures

Ormers in Jersey

Ormers in Jersey

The Jersey Ormer is now a rare and difficult creature to find. This short guide to Ormers in Jersey includes the laws controlling the gathering and minimum sizes of Ormers.

Ormers. Wikipedia.

Synopsis of Biological Data on the European Abalone. Yunus D. Mgaya.

Mussels in Jersey

To be updated.

Jersey Scallops

Information on the gathering of Scallops around Jersey and local laws governing the size and catch methods.