COVID-19. Important Information

Visit Safe Jersey
Visitors -or islanders who have recently returned- to Jersey must not join our activities until they have received their Negative COVID – 19 PCR Test results. 
When selecting the date of your activity, please allow sufficient time to get your PCR test results and follow the latest regulations.

With the concerns about COVID-19, we want to keep you up to date with the measure we are implementing. These will change so read the Government of Jersey advice pages for the latest guidance about how to stay safe and to protect others in our community.

For the protection of both yourself, others taking part and our community – Be Honest! Follow the Government of Jersey advice.

Travelling to Jersey

Read the latest Government of Jersey Safer Travel Regulations.

Jersey’s COVID-19 traffic-light system (updated 12 October)

Some countries -such as the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland- are now split into regions and categorised under Jersey’s COVID-19 traffic-light system. People travelling to Jersey may face different isolation restrictions depending on where they come from.

Visitors -or islanders who have recently returned- to Jersey from a green zone must not join our activities until they have received a Negative COVID – 19 PCR Test.

While awaiting your test result, you are encouraged to take reasonable steps to limit the time you spend away from your residence. And, to limit social contact during this time.

For guidance, here is a breakdown of the testing and isolation requirements for people arriving in Jersey (updated on 12 October) –

Arrivals from a Green country/region are required to undertake PCR tests on arrival (day 0) and day 5. You must isolate while waiting for the 1st test result.

Arrivals from an Amber region/county are required to undertake a PCR test on arrival (day 0) and day 5. You must isolate until you receive a negative result from the test on day 5.

Arrivals from a Red status country/region are required to undertake a PCR test on arrival (day 0) and must isolate for 14 days.

When selecting the date of your activity, please allow sufficient time to get your PCR test results and follow the latest regulations.

Testing and self-isolation requirements may change between the time you book and your arrival in Jersey. Stay up to date by checking the Government of Jersey website because you will be subject to the requirements in force at the time of your arrival in Jersey.

Visitors -or islanders who have recently returned- to Jersey must not join our activities until they have received their Negative COVID – 19 PCR Test results.

Our COVID-19 Measures

As an outdoor centre, we are in an excellent position to minimise the risk of infection as our activities allow plenty of space between everyone. The outdoors are recognised to be an ideal environment in which we can limit close contact and minimise the risk of infection.

We may contact you the evening before to confirm the booking. If we need to cancel because one of our staff develops symptoms, we’ll offer a refund or the opportunity for you to rebook.

Tell us before you arrive if you -or anyone in your party:

Have any of the following symptoms; new persistent cough, fever, shortness of breath (wheezing), sore throat, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea, nasal congestion.

If anyone in your party has:

Recently been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19?

Recently tested positive for COVID-19?

You can cancel and get a refund up to 24 hours before the activity. If, on the day of your activity, you realise you are unwell or, have been alerted you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms we’ll issue a credit so you can rebook.

Follow the current physical distancing rules. If you are booking people who are not members of your household, please ensure everyone in your party is aware -and follow- the current physical distancing rules.

Client Details & Contact Tracing

We require the names and contact details of everyone in your booking. Please help keep our community safe. The information may be critical for contact tracing if anyone taking part in the activity develops COVID-19*.


  • We limit the total number of participants to maintain small groups.

  • There is also the option to book the entire activity as a private event for your household.

  • We only accept bookings made in advance online

  • Health and acceptance of risk paperwork are now completed when you book so there is no need to share pens and paperwork on the day.

  • On arrival, your guide will inform you of our current Covid-19 safety procedures.

  • The outdoors is considered to be a low-risk environment. Our seabed walks allow you to walk with lots of physical distance across the seabed.

  • We have hand-sanitizer and hand-washing at the beginning and end of your activity. Staff also carry a small bottle of hand-sanitizer with them in case you need a top-up. Remember to regularly wash your hands, e.g. if you have returned from your car, been to a cafe to buy some water etc.

  • If you need assistance when putting on equipment, we’ll ask a member of your household to assist. If you need help from the guide, you’ll be asked to turn your head away from them to reduce airborne transmission.

  • During the walk, we will maintain a physical distance.

  • Avoid gathering close together except with members of your household is not advised.

  • Gear and equipment e.g. Wellington boots, walking poles, windproof jackets are washed after use.

  • Help all of us by maintaining physical distancing, following staff advice and staying safe. If our staff become ill, there is a change in the advice issued by the Government of Jersey; we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible so you can decide if you want to rebook, receive a credit voucher or get a full refund.

Any changes necessary will be implemented based on Jersey’s Safe Exit Framework.

You can call us on 07797853033.

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Updated 12 October 2020

*Personal details collected for the purpose of the government contact tracing scheme, will only be passed onto the Government of Jersey when requested to do so. The information collected will not be used for any other purpose such as marketing -unless you opt-in to receive our email newsletters-. Information requested by the contact tracing team will only be used for the purposes of contact tracing. If requested, it will be kept securely on Government of Jersey systems and processed in accordance with the Government of Jersey coronavirus (COVID-19): privacy notice.

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