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Sea squirt

Bright sparks: why Jersey’s dazzling glowing worms are a secret worth searching out. The Guardian.

Crossing Jersey’s Intertidal Reef to the Seymour Tower. Anthony Toole writes about his walk on the seabed to Seymour tower for BucketTripper.

Below us the Stars! Evening guided walks in Jersey. Our Bioluminescence walk features in Absolute Jersey.


What Lies Beneath. Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world. As the sea drains away from shallow offshore waters, Carolyn Fry explores an undersea world accessible to walkers for only a few hours each day.

By kayak to Seymour Tower “Per Kajak zum Seymour Tower“. Nordseereport.  NDR TV film of us kayaking to Seymour Tower. In German with some great images.


Bioluminescence on the beach. Condor Good Times Magazine.

Jersey Seymour Tower Moonwalk. Blog with superb photos by Ellys Eyeland. There is also a Dutch article on her trip to Jersey and a different view of the old Plemont holiday campsite.


To the end of Jersey- and beyond. Jersey Life magazine featured our walk to the end of Jersey and Karame beacon on one of the lowest tides of the year. Look for the photos of the Whelks laying eggs.

At low tide by Susie Boulton. In search of oysters and ormers in Jersey.

Eine Nacht im meerumtosten Seymour Tower. Mathilde magazine.

Islands Magazine USA. Jersey revealed.

Walking on the moon -by Andy Stansfield . He has produced a great photo book on Jersey.

When the tide turns – by Gabriella Le Breton, Telegraph newspaper travel section.

Walk to the end of Jersey. Jersey Evening Post walking guide.

Seymour tower guided walks

Seymour tower

A lot of luxury in a little big island. Toyah Willcox and husband Robert Fripp take a winter break in Jersey. Pure jersey magazine.

Einfach liebenswert– Jersey by Uwe Becker (in German).

Secrets of Jersey’s shores.

Walking in Jersey. Simon Calder of The Independent. An audio walking guide to the end of Jersey. Lots of information about the history/ heritage of Jersey and the German occupation. This includes a description of the walk to Seymour Tower. A detailed and well-researched guide of his walking holiday in Jersey. We are at 13minutes.

Moonwalks to Seymour tower with Jersey Walk Adventures. Flybe magazine.

Libelle Magazine, Holland mentions us as part of an Active Jersey feature.

Jersey’s Hidden Charms Daily Telegraph Magazine. Tim Burrows writes of his trip to les Ecrehous and Seymour tower.

Winter breaks in Jersey supplement. Daily Express feature on walking and active holidays in Jersey.