What to wear

Wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions and forecast.

Please bring:

A wind/rainproof jacket. Even on a warm day, it can feel cooler offshore.

You may get wet up to the knees

Fleece style top or t-shirt.
Trousers/shorts (depending on the weather). These may get wet.  Occasionally, you might have to wade across pools and channels up to the knees.

Footwear is suitable for walking over uneven, wet, and sometimes slippery surfaces. Shoes should be comfortable and well-fitting, ideally with ankle support. Walking boots or trainers are fine (remember, leather boots will get wet with seawater). Wellington boots must be well-fitting as they can become uncomfortable on a walk of 2 hours or more. Wearing a thick pair of socks or adding an insert sole from a pair of trainers can make a big difference.

We can loan Wellington Boots or Water-shoes for £1 per pair if booked in advance.

Crocs and socks – this may sound fuddy-duddy, but socks prevent you from getting your skin rubbed by bits of sand. In general, we do not recommend Crocs as they don’t give enough support for the feet.

Sun cream (minimum factor 35).

Personal medication, which you might need. Inform us of any medical or special needs at the time of booking. Remember, we will be up to 1.5 miles/2.4 km from shore.

Something to drink/eat is always a good idea.

A small backpack to carry your camera, binoculars, food, and spare clothing.

Walking poles and sticks – an excellent option for greater stability when walking over rocks. We usually have a few in our van, which are available on request free of charge.

What should Children wear?

Young people can quickly get cold, so bring protective clothing (including hats) for the weather conditions if your children are happy. Hats are especially important in sunny weather, as are light t-shirts covering shoulders and arms. We walk across pools and channels and may get wet up to just below adult knee height. Wet jeans (or leggings) can be uncomfortable (and cold) when rubbing on children’s legs. Remember to bring some snacks for the children.