Day & Overnight Stays at Seymour Tower

Seymour tower overnight and day stays

Day and overnight stays at Seymour Tower

Dates of all our walks on the seabed to Seymour Tower are listed here.

We offer both day and overnight stays at Seymour Tower.

Seymour Tower has undergone refurbishment by Jersey Heritage Trust as a short stay let. It sleeps 7 guests plus the guide in bunk beds, has cooking facilities, toilet and electric supply. The tower can only be used with advance reservation.

Seymour Tower is Jersey’s version of a mountain hut. Approximately 1 mile from shore, it is accessible on foot at most low tides (see below for kayak trips). Instead of mountain views enjoy the beauty and remoteness of this very special place, which is engulfed by the ocean twice a day.

Accompanied by a local guide – who remains with you throughout your stay – you can discover and learn about this fantastic area, or just enjoy the opportunity to chill out at one of Jersey’s most unusual places to stay.

History of Seymour Tower

The tower lies within the internationally recognised Ramsar wetlands site of Jersey’s south-east coast. It was built in 1782 as a guard tower against French attacks.

The roof offers a fantastic panorama. On a good day, you can see Chausey (France), Les Minquiers, Les Écréhous and even the spires of Coutance Cathedral. Looking west you see Noirmont Point. Not to forget: the sunrise is something worth getting up for!

The Rising Tides

During your stay watch in safety from the parapet of Seymour Tower the incoming tide, as it rushes in through the gullies and rises by up to 3 inches/8 cm per minute. Watch our video of this happening on our Video/photo page.

Between the tides. A day on Seymour Tower

Relaxing during a stay at Seymour Tower

Time to relax on the parapet of Seymour Tower

Our organized day stays are ideal for people who may not wish – or don’t have the time – to spend 24 hours at Seymour Tower.

We have access into the tower, which has been converted into a “Jersey stone tent”, well-appointed to rustle up a cooked breakfast after the early morning walk or, a tasty lunch after exploring the rocks and sandbars surrounding the tower. You may want to gather your lunch from the surrounding rocks and waters. However, to be on the safe side, it is best to pack basic supplies in case your marine forage is not so successful!

You can safely sunbathe on the parapet, whilst the waves lap over the steps and the tide engulfs the tower.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the area, the remoteness, and the elements in a special way.


Please call or email.

Watching the tide rise around Seymour tower.

Watch in safety as the tide surrounds Seymour Tower


Individual bookings: Day stays of 12 hours £55 per adult, £45 under 18 years.

Private day/group bookings of Seymour Tower. Contact us for dates. Group/private bookings of the tower can be arranged for sole use: £350 (Maximum of 8 guests).

To book: Email or call 07797853033

Note: To ensure your safety and enjoyment you must be accompanied by an accredited Seymour Tower guide. Further information is supplied when you book. Facilities inside Seymour Tower.

Overnight stays in Seymour Tower

Sunrise at Seymour Tower

Watch the sunrise

An overnight stay at Seymour Tower will give you the full experience of staying in this remarkable location. Many visitors have compared the stay to sailing on a stone ship –with the advantage that it doesn’t pitch and roll. View a 360° panorama: from Les Minquiers to Noirmont Point, along the coast to St Catherine’s Breakwater and the Normandy coast – and gannets diving in the east.

The tower sleeps 7 people in bunk beds, has cooking facilities, toilet and electric supply. You must be accompanied by an accredited guide (occupying bed no 8).

Walk across with your food and sleeping bags at low tide and return the next day.

Price: For up to 7 people per night (accompanied by a guide) £350.

Dates: Advance reservation is required because access to the tower is subject to tides. Call to discuss possible dates.

Sleeping bags can be hired for £5 per person.

To book: Email or call 07797853033

Individual rates for overnight stays at Seymour Tower

Not everyone knows 6 friends, who want (or are able) to stay overnight at Seymour Tower.

This option makes the stay more like when you arrive at a mountain refuge or Youth hostel. Be prepared to meet other people and share tasks.

Call us as we may be able to make up a group on other dates.

Dates: Contact us for dates.

Cost: £70pp if we can get a minimum of five people.

Dates: Call 07797853033 or Email for dates.

Overnight at Seymour Tower. Travel across by kayak

Sea kayaking the gullies at la Rocque to Seymour tower

Sea kayak between the reefs to stay at Seymour Tower

Drift through the gutters and gullies as the rising tide sweeps us along towards Seymour Tower. Imagine moving along a river, where the bank is a mass of rocks covered with an abundance of marine life.

Drop a line overboard and try to catch your evening meal. However, in case you don’t get any bites we recommend you pack some food supplies for your stay!

Learn about our coastal environment and the rich maritime heritage. After dropping your belongings at the tower we will explore the area by sea kayak.

Paddle back the next day with a new perspective of Jersey.

All kayaking equipment is provided including wetsuits. We have both user-friendly sit-on-top sea kayaks and modern sit-inside sea kayaks which are designed to get you paddling easily. No previous experience is needed. You always paddle with a qualified kayak instructor from Jersey Kayak Adventures.

Hire of the tower for an overnight stay: For up to 7 people per night (incl. guide) £350, plus £43.50 per person for kayaking to/from the tower. All kayak kit supplied along with waterproof bags. Sleeping bags can be hired for £5 per person.

For more details about our island-wide kayaking tours click here.

Facilities inside Seymour Tower

More information about the facilities inside Seymour Tower click here.

Booking information

For safety reasons, it is a requirement that everyone staying at Seymour tower completes a booking form and signs an acceptance of risk. This must be completed and received by our office before the day of the trip. Failure to do so will result in your booking being cancelled.

For your overall safety the guide reserves the right to end the stay at any time, should he or she believe that individuals or the group are not adhering to safe practice, or are not following the terms of use laid down by Jersey Heritage Trust in the booking conditions. Clients will be responsible for any costs and the booking fees will not be refundable.

Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation. The guide may request alcohol is left on shore, if he believes the amount about to be taken is excessive.

Clients are expected to pack in and pack out all their rubbish.