Low water fishing for Lobster

Low water fishing for Lobster

 Low water fishing for lobster in jersey

Low water fishing for Lobster

On every big low tide all around Jersey people go in search of their dinner.

You need to head well offshore to the lowest tidal areas where the search for Lobster begins.

Anyone who has been low water fishing for a long time will have their favourite spots or holes. In the past these were guarded with great secrecy. Today, few people take the time to forage for their dinner. Those that do tend to plan their days off around the big low tides in Jersey. The rewards can be a nice fresh Lobster and an afternoon spent wandering about in an amazing low water area where you may see only one or two other people.

On an island with nearly 100,000 people this is a chance to re-connect with nature and become a hunter-gatherer.

Searching for Lobster under rocks in Jersey

Using a long hook to catch Lobster

I recall watching one low water fishermen waiting until he thought we were not looking before he wriggled his body far into a Lobster hole. After a lot of wriggling and waving of Wellington boots in the air he re emerged clutching a large Lobster.

Some head down with long bamboo sticks with hooks tied onto the end. With this they can reach under large rocks in search of Lobster.

Local laws are quite strict on the minimum size of Lobster you can catch. Unless you are licensed as a commercial fisherman you cannot sell your catch.

On our guided Moonwalks in the low tide zone around the south-east coast of Jersey we often bump into low water fishermen. It’s a great way to get your supper and there is something special about eating what you have caught instead of buying it ready packed in the supermarket.

I prefer to leave these elegant creatures on the ocean floor and just catch photos of them.

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