Beneath a rock

Beneath a rock

Chiton,Cushion starfish,sponges on a rock in Jersey

How many different forms of marine life beneath a rock in Jersey can you see?

Turn over a rock and see what you discover.

Beneath one rock a world of mini-beasts and marine life survive.

Take a few minutes to try and identify what lies beneath.

Here is a a list of a few we identified:

Cushion stars

Brittle stars

Sea squirts


Sea mats

Sponges in orange and cobalt blue


Post-horn worms

Grey Top Shells


You can add any more you see (or correct us!) via our Facebook page.

All are easily missed as you wander by. This is a good reason to explore Jersey’s seashore and low water zone with a guide, so you  see more.

Remember: If you turn rocks over, always turn them back, so the marine life is not destroyed by the sunlight and heat, or becomes prey for other predators.

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