The speed the tide rises in Jersey

The speed the tide rises in Jersey

Little seymour and the rising tides

Gullies filling

Today I pushed the limits as I walked back from Seymour Tower on a 10.67m tide 2.5 hours after low water.

In places it was a wade. This showed how fast the tide rises around the coast of Jersey.

Imagine crossing a fast flowing river. That is what the tide streams felt like as i waded across the gullies to shore.

It is fun if you understand the tides and currents in this area as the streams will eventually push you towards the shore.

For anyone who does not know this it’s a frightening experience. It was useful to be able to describe what it feels like to clients on our guided walks in Jersey. On a warm day the water was quite warm.

Safety tower at La Rocque and gullies filling on a 10m tide

The tide rushes in. View looking towards the safety tower

If you know what you are doing it can be fun and is great to swim the gullies. Otherwise it is a good reason to go with a guide so yo do not end up swimming…

Filmed on my Cannon camera after I reached the shore. Next time I might try floating with the streams.

Derek Hairon





The speed the tide rises in Jersey from Jersey Walk Adventures on Vimeo.

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