New guided walk in Jersey:Fungi Forays

New guided walk in Jersey:Fungi Forays


Guided walks to discover the autumnal beauty of fungi in Jersey.

Beefsteak fungus in Jersey

Beefsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica)

Discover these mysterious organisms which form an essential part of the ecosystem and are often overlooked because of their small size. Without fungi fallen tree trunks would take hundreds of years to decay and many facets of life would be impossible.

The Kingdom of Fungi comes in many forms ranging from familiar mushrooms to brewer’s yeasts, the mould that grows on rotting fruit and the infection that causes athlete’s foot.

Fungi are found in every habitat and in a multitude of amazing shapes and colours from the beautiful to the darn-right ugly and smelly.

Walk with Nick Aubin, an enthusiastic local expert and Chairman of the local Mycology group. Observe some of the larger fungi to be found in Jersey.

Hear about the myths and legends of fungi along with the local history of the area.

October 2012

14 October Sunday 14.00

31 October Wednesday 10.00


4 November Sunday 10.00

11 November Sunday 10.00

More information and booking.

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