St Aubin’s Bay Water Quality Workshop

St Aubin’s Bay Water Quality Workshop

Last night we attended this workshop. The aim is to develop the vision and objectives for St Aubin’s bay which will aim to protect the ecology whilst still allowing business and leisure activities to thrive in the bay. A tricky task especially when the workshop was exploring:

  • What currently happens in the Bay and what makes it special?
  • What is going well and what are current concerns?
  • Suggestions for objectives to deliver the vision.

The structure of the event was good with plenty of opportunity for input and perhaps the most interesting feature is how an Ecosystem approach is being suggested. What this means is that it is more than just looking at the bay but is considering implications such as the water run-offs and sewage.

There certainly seems to be a lot of concern about the bay and how what is perhaps the most often viewed bay on the island can be enhanced. A lot of people suggested improving the bay infrastructure and the reduction/removal of the sea lettuce which is a major problem facing the bay.

A useful evening.

Ultimately the success of this event will be judged by what actually results from it.

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