The Gullies between Seymour Tower and the Shore

The Gullies between Seymour Tower and the Shore

This excellent aerial view of the gullies between Seymour Tower and the shore highlights just how deceptive things can be when you walk to Seymour Tower.

This is a good reason why you should only walk with an experienced guide, or someone who knows the area well.

It is all to easy to not notice the tide racing back in (it rises at 3 inches per minute on the Spring tides).

As the tide starts to rise the gullies between the shore and the rescue tower fill first. As a result it is easy to be wandering around Seymour tower oblivious to the fact that you are being cut off. This is because the land around the tower is higher than the land between the rescue tower and shore.

Enjoy this remarkable place and take care. Or, join us on our guided walks on the seabed to Seymour Tower.

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