October Seabed & Bioluminescence Walk Dates Updated

October Seabed & Bioluminescence Walk Dates Updated

bioluminescent glowing worms in Jersey. Copyright D Priddis.Dates of our seabed walk to Seymour and Icho towers,  Oyster trails, and seaweed Foraging are now listed for October.

There are a couple of Bioluminescence walk dates available. These walks are very popular and quickly become fully booked so advance booking is essential.

The very low tides mean that we can offer a walk almost 2 miles from shore to Karame beacon on Friday 8 October at 1300.

View all 2021 dates here.

We are often asked why we only list a couple of Bioluminescence walks in search of the tiny worms which glow and sparkle in the darkness. There are a few reasons for this;

We need nights with little or no moon.

Bioluminescence walks can only take place after sunset and once it is dark.

The time of low tide needs to coincide with the above factors and ideally, should not be very late at night or in the early morning. We have found that only a few intrepid walkers are prepared to start a walk after 2330.

To minimize our impact in the area and to ensure participants get a good experience, we limit the size of the group.

We try to list dates of the night walks more than three months in advance to give people time to make plans and to book.

As a result, the number of nighttime walks in search of glowing sea worms is limited.

Read more about the Bioluminescence walks in this article in The Guardian newspaper.