Facilities at Seymour Tower

Enjoy overnight stays at Seymour Tower travelling on foot or by sea kayak.

Watch the world change as the tide rushes in

Built in 1782 following the Battle of Jersey, Seymour Tower is one of the islands most impressive landmarks. When the tide surrounds the massive granite outcrop with the tower on top, space is limited to the parapet, interior and roof observation platform. It is then like living on a yacht – except that it does not pitch and roll!

Accommodation at Seymour Tower

The tower is often described as a “stone tent”. I’d describe it as being like a rustic mountain hut – a place, where we can reconnect with nature and the environment, away from the bustle of daily life. Many clients have remarked that they feel as if they have been away from Jersey, when staying in the tower.

Inside, the tower is damp-free. There are sometimes some salt crystals on the granite walls and dust does collect. This may be something to consider if you have respiratory problems.

The inside of the tower can also be viewed in our photo page.


Access to the tower is by a steep flight of stairs

Seymour Tower has steep stairs up to the parapet and into the tower itself. For this reason, young children or those with mobility problems are restricted in their use of the tower.

If you wish to come with children or have a mobility problem, please contact us, as it may still be possible for us to enable an overnight stay.


The basement, accessible from the ground floor through a trap-door, contains firewood and fishing items. There is evidence of previous visitors with signed autographs on the wooden boards.

The ground floor has cooking facilities (a 4 ring gas cooker with oven and grill), small cupboards with crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, and a fridge, the electricity supplied by solar power. There are low voltage lights and power points.
The wood-burning stove works well. In the cooler months, we usually carry some coal across.

Upstairs is the “bedroom” and on the top floor, you’ll find the loo. A door leads out onto the roof observation platform. The toilet is the best spot in the tower to get a mobile phone signal!


Candlelight chess

The upstairs room has single bunk beds for 6 people. On the ground floor, there is a bunk bed for the guide and one client. All have hygienic mattresses.

Hygiene facilities
Bottled water is used for drinking and cooking. Rainwater is available for cleaning and washing but is not suitable for drinking.

Washing facilities are basic. Bowls are available for washing hands, face, cleaning teeth etc.

A basic toilet exists on the top floor. It is a pack-in/pack-out loo. Human waste is taken back to shore in special hygienic bags for disposal.

As you ’sit on the throne’ there is a wooden board to your right with lots of ancient names of past visitors written on it. Bring toilet paper!

Light cleaning needs to be undertaken before leaving the tower so that it is ready for the next group. This takes the form of sweeping, dusting, mopping and other tasks as required. Everybody is expected to help.

What to bring

Inside the tower. Cooker, fridge and utensils mean you can prepare supper

A willingness to share and join in what is a communal atmosphere is probably the most important thing to bring with you. Some general items of kit for the group will need to be shared out.

You will need to carry all your belongings across with you – a backpack is best unless you travel in a kayak.

Clothing suitable for the weather and season
Wind/rain-proof jacket
Spare dry footwear and socks. Slippers if you wish for inside use
Comfortable trousers
Fleece style tops
Personal hygiene items
Personal medication!
Pyjamas or similar
Sleeping bag suitable for the season as it can get a bit chilly outside of summer. (Sleeping bags can be hired at a small charge)

Bring a sleeping bag and pillow

Pillow or travel cushion (inflatable ones are light and small
Fishing gear, camera, binoculars, reading matter etc.
Bathing costume, see ‘Safety Regulations’ below.

All food needs to be carried across to the tower. Consider buying local produce both for quality and less “food-miles”. Look for the Genuine Jersey label. Consider shopping at the Co-op Freshfood stores for their environmental policies and Fairtrade products.
Please be prepared to carry over a share of the group’s provisions.

Bottled water is used for drinking and cooking. Expect to carry over at least 1.5 litres per person. Use tap water instead of buying bottled water.

Catering can be discussed at the time of booking. We can agree to cook communally at a small charge, shared amongst the group to cover the purchase of ingredients. This has the advantage of reducing, what is carried. Alternatively, you can bring your own supplies.

Messages from the past

Alcohol is permitted but should be consumed in moderation as we are in a remote location. The guide has the right to ask you to refrain from drinking.

Remove excess packaging before you walk over to the tower. This saves on rubbish disposal and makes more room in your bags.

Safety Regulations

Due to the huge tide range and currents off the southeast coast of Jersey, it is only possible to stay overnight in the tower, if an accredited tower guide is present. The number of guests is limited to a maximum of 7 people.

It is very important that you inform us of any medical matters or special needs at the time of booking. Please remember that allergy sufferers may need their medication, inhalers etc., as the tower is not dust free and we will be more than a mile offshore.

Upon arrival at the tower, you will receive a short safety and orientation briefing. It is vital that everyone staying at the tower adheres to the recommendations and follows the instructions of the guide. When the tide surrounds the tower, the life jackets/buoyancy aids must be worn when on the parapet.

Safety equipment is carried by trained staff.

Toilet facilities at Seymour tower

The pack in, pack it out toilet. The best mobile signal is when seated on the loo.

The guide reserves the right to end the stay at any time should he or she believe that individuals or the group are not adhering to safe practice or are not following the terms of use laid down by Jersey Heritage Trust in the booking conditions. A copy can be sent if requested. Clients will be responsible for any costs and the booking fees will not be refundable.

For your safety, it is not advisable to venture into the southeast coast RAMSAR site without having local knowledge of the area and the tides.

All members of staff at Jersey Kayak Adventures Ltd have undergone satisfactory Disclosure & Baring Service (DBS) and child protection training. The Company holds a full outdoor activities insurance policy and complies with Jersey legislation.

Swimming is restricted to certain areas at specific states of the tide for your safety.

Smoking is not allowed inside the tower.